Minor Change

Our organisation is one of the few in Poland to offer the performance of professional modifications to aircraft upholstery and interiors in accordance with the customer's wishes, culminating in the issue of an EASA Form 1 aviation certificate guaranteeing the product's compliance with European aviation standards. All of our products dedicated to the aviation industry are made under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority and have non-combustibility certificates, which dramatically distinguishes them in terms of quality from products coming from plants that are not approved aviation production organisations compliant with Part21G standards.

Our company is the holder of a Minor Change certificate for Robinson Helicopter Company helicopters of the R-44/R-44 II/R-66 series, which guarantees compliance with aviation standards for our upholstery products.
In addition to the aforementioned models, we are able to produce a design for any General Aviation aircraft that could be manufactured and installed on an aircraft after approval by the relevant authorities.

Below is an example of a product implemented at our client:


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